My primary job is to find the settings that best represent the visual concept of the Producer, Director and Production Designer.

In addition to the creative input, the Location Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of locations including (but is not limited to):

  • Meet with those neighbors and merchants directly affected by prep, shoot, or wrap activities
  • Negotiate the location fees, and contracts.
  • Coordinate legal issues with company attorneys
  • Request filming permits, listing filming activities in detail
  • Call in notification of special effects and extended hours.  Notify neighbors and gather signatures as required.
  • Schedule police, fire safety officers and security personnel
  • Coordinate with company safety department and supervise environmental clearance and studies in an expedited manner.
  • Design and implement traffic plans and street closures.
  • Work closely with the transportation Dept. to ensure that parking arrangements meet both production and neighborhood needs.
  • Prepare directional signage and maps.
  • Act as liaison between the public and the shooting crew.

Location Manager Responsibilities taken from written by Bill Bowling and Orin Kennedy.

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Vinh Lu
Location Scout
Cell:  630-890-1029
Fax:  630-545-9610


This website is dedicated to the idea sharing and education of my locations services for producers and property owners.  I have lived in Chicago all of my life and can provide an "inside look", to the textures, architecture, and atmospheres that make Chicago a visually stunning backdrop that it deserves to be.  I have posted a small collection of digital photos that will give you an idea of the potential each location has to the project.

In addition to digital photos I can provide photos in traditional 35MM Film and also digital video that can be streamed online or mailed on "CD or DVD", as well as digital photos.  My car is a mobile office equipped with laptop and printer to publish documents "on the fly".

Perhaps your project requires a smaller suburban feel....  Our suburbs have doubled for anywhere in the US.  Feel free to use the Album on the link above to get an idea of the location potentials and of my shooting style.  In the end I will find the perfect locations that will work within your budget.


Album (Chicago and Suburbs)...


Exterior Streets

Parks (City)

Suburban Downtowns
Interior Airport Exterior  


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